Looking for a niceish YoyoJam Dark Magic II

I’ve been wanting a Yoyojam Dark DM2 for a few years now, and never got a chance to try one. I am more on board with trading, as that kinda justifies another yoyo acquisition, but I also want to make what might be my first time using the bst simple and make a good first impression. I will of course get everything set up before negotiating.

I have a b grade Czech point from yyfs ten buck chuck sale, which is sort of vibby touching it with my finger but no pulse vibe, and has a few weird marks that are hard to see due to the color, and little bumps right over the axle area on both sides.

And a cyyw yeti 2.0 I traded from someone at a contest, with minor wear of the lettering on the rims due to being in a case with other yoyo. No dings or damage.

Both have bearings I deshielded and cleaned a few months ago.

Hey man theres one on the Facebook BST right now

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@AKYOYODR may have what you need :wink:




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