Looking for a new knife

Can anyone recommend me a new knife that’s kind of small, Less than $45, and keeps its edge well?
I was thinking of the Kershaw Leek

My brother has a Gerber knife he loves it they have a lifetime warranty and there fairly inexpensive (or at least have inexpensive ones that look pretty good)


Below a certain price point, pretty much everything is gonna be “meh”. Especially in edge retention. If you want a knife that you can rely on without a doubt for a long time you’ll want to spend closer to 80-90.
I’m a Bemchmade guy, myself, I generally recommend the Mini-Griptillian if someone is looking for a small pocket knife.

Kershaw is OK, I guess, it would do you all right for a while, but I’m a firm disbeliever in liner locks. Super dangerous.

Oh, and I wouldn’t ever trust a $4-10 knife like the link posted above. On top of poor materials and construction, those look terrible.

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I’ve got a partially serrated Kershaw Blur with glassbreaker, and only have good things to say about it. Based on that, I’d totally be up for getting a Leek myself! That said, you gotta be careful with the blade tip of the Leek since it’s fine to the point of easily getting damaged from rougher use.

Spydercos are pretty nice and unique looking.

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SpyderCo isn’t my thing aesthetically, but they are quality pieces.

I can attest to the quality of Benchmade knives, I’ve owned quite a few of their models and have never had a problem. The Mini Griptillian has been my EDC for 2+ years, and it really is a just a fantastic knife that functions really well for everyday purposes. The locking mechanism is so much better than basically anything else on the market, and Benchmade just makes high quality knives that have a certain allure to them that I can’t really explain.