looking for a hubstacked yoyo


it cant be a pgm or g5

post here dont pm me about it


i have $$$$$$$$$$$$


dude i know it says no g5 but i have a red usa eddition better than the chinese


Why do you want a hubstacked yoyo and why can’t it be a PGM or G5?


am looking to sell my 888

let me know if you are interested^_______^


how much!!!

guys my friend told me what to write and he wants a nice metal hubstacked yoyo and he said no g5 because there soooo thin and no pgm because its plastic

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let me warn you brian is probably about to go on some rant about how plastics are not bad.

i have an 888x black, yellow hubstacks, siliconed. $75.


A rant that is worth hearing. Its true. plastics are as good.


can i see pics of all your offers


You guys know me too well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually sold all of my metals except for one because I just like the overall feeling of some plastics more. Granted, they aren’t for everyone, but they can definitely perform as well as any metal.

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don’t have any pictures now but i will post them here:


i have a pair of dna for sale


superstar lowered to 90$ with konkave and 6 pack of mirage string
sorry doesn’t include ricestacks. rice stacks are an extra 5 $ with bearings

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