Looking for a great H-Shape Throws, Reccs?

Hey folks! I’m wanting to pick up a great H Shape throw. I have the Autopilot and it’s one of my absolute favorites, I prefer slightly heavier throws and more “luxorious” feels like the Hummingbird, G2 Arbiter, etc. I did try a Motion Parallel and wasn’t a huge fan of it, however. My favorite throw is the Aceyo Hipocracy Max currently.

I’m currently considering a YYF Papercut, Zipline Honeybadger, and possibly splurging for a Mowl M+. Any other recommendations or recommendations for what I might like the best? Ideally below $100.

Recently came across this which looks fun and is pretty inexpensive:

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Time Slip is a decent beginner/intermediate throw, but I wouldn’t say it’s “luxurious.” It does come in some cool colorways, though.

I’m not sure what “luxurious” actually means in yoyo context.

It’s definitely subjective and varies depending on who you ask, but I’d say bare minimum it means something dead smooth with a smoother & better looking anno job. Having refined little touches like a polished response bump and no sharp edges can take a throw up a notch. Engravings (particularly on the rim and not in the cup) can also make a yoyo seem more classy to me. We could get even more subjective with how it feels on the string, but I’ve chased this rabbit far enough.

Again, all of these are my opinion.

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Best bang for the buck for me is Method by Unprld x Sochi. Here are the reasons:

  • The material it is 7068. A little on the harder, firmer feeling side so it has luxurious at low cost only $45
  • Shape wise is competition H shape, pretty versatile
  • At 66gram, it is definitely a power yoyo and balance one-

The only downside I can think of is the design with multiple cuts and midsize which are not everyone’s cup of tea.

For Bimetal, then I would go for Brass Exia, a perfectly rim weighted throw

I’d say something with a lot of rim weight and just a general upscale feel. My hummingbird and Arbiter are probably my best comparisons. Like they don’t feel “fast” or “powerful”, they just feel nice. Not as floaty as an organic but they just sorta do exactly what you want and feel amazing while they do it.

I’ve been eyeing the Brass Exia for sure. The Method sounds great too, I’ll check it out, cheers!

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That actually looks super dope. How smooth/weighty does it feel in play?

You didn’t ask me, but based on memory it only had a minor nail vibe, and played pretty on par with its 66g weight, maybe a touch lighter. For being marketed as an extremely long-spinning yoyo for beginners, I was slightly underwhelmed, but it’s still enough to get through your longer combos if you play cleanly. I noticed playing cleanly made a bit more of a difference with that yoyo than other modern throws in the same price range (e.g. Gulch, Shortcut), as it slowed a bit more quickly if the string rubbed the walls (which it does relatively easily for a non-organic yoyo).

My pick for a premium, hard H-shape yoyo would be the YYF Moonlight. I’ve not played as many hard Hs as some, but I believe this yoyo in general is underrated. It plays slightly heavier than it’s weight (plays more like it’s ~65g until it’s moving), but it’s super stable, powerful, and long spinning. Mine is also dead smooth. I honestly can’t think of a better throw to fit your criteria.