Looking for a dark magic

Hey guys. I was hoping to maybe buy a dark magic and was wondering what prices you guys put on it or maybe we can work something out.

dont get a dark magic they arent that great but i might be able to work something out i got one

smole… Seriously? Dark Magics can breeze through tricks like nothing. bubba, they are phenomenal. It’s been used at World competitions, I know that much.

hey smole perfers “X-convict” which I saw a topic somone compared dark magic or x convict and wasn’t sure what to get.

They saw X-convict is for personal taste. Maybe smole just has the specific quality he wants in Yoyos.

bubba, the DM was one of my first throws. I loved it then and I love it now. I have two. I’d give one up for 40 + 3 for shipping. they both play great, but they both have many small dings. The red one is stock and comes complete with the “YYJ signature crack.” it’s a surface crack and doesn’t affect play at all. The blue one is silicone / starburst. You can have the side caps also, they are currently off.

I’ll give you mine for 30+3 dollar for shipping.

Thanks for your reply guys what exactly does 40 + 3 or 30 + 3 mean exactly?

Also let me hear what smole has to say and see if anyone else has any other offers.
Also Justin would you maybe consider going to $25?

It means that 40/30 dollar is for the yoyo and 3 dollar is for the shipping and yes I would sell the darkmagic to you for 25 plus the shipping which would be 28 dollars in total.

I sent you a private message justin tell me if you got it.