Logos in videos


What’s the protocol with featuring company logos in videos? Only when you’re sponsored? Does it make you look bad if you’re not?

I’m just finishing up a new video with a friend, and we put the RecRev logo in the beginning because I was using a RecRev Sine//Saw. Was that inappropriate?

Sorry for being kinda neurotic, but this is my first major video and I want to do it right.


If it’s a video contest, generally some type of logo is required. I’ve noticed that some sponsored players put their company’s logo in their videos. Other than that, it’s all preference, some people use logos, some don’t.


Okay, thanks! I’ll leave it in, since we spent so long photoshopping out the white background :smiley:


Neurotic-ism makes for good videos. The more pedantic you are, the better the end result.

I think as long as its not presented in a way that implies that “RecRev presents” or that you are sponsored by them, then its ok.

I wouldn’t put it at the very beginning of the video, (unless it’s perhaps after your name, but even then using the name of the exact yoyo rather than the company as a whole would be more appropriate) nor would I put it at the very end as doing so puts too much emphasis on the company. That’s what the big companies tend to do; CLYW either put their logo before all their official videos, or at the very end, and I think it would be inappropriate for someone to do the same if it wasn’t an official CLYW video.

Same goes for the video title. If it’s “CLYW presents: Ivor Sawfingah” then its not on. Whereas “Ivor Sawfingah featuring CLYW Puffin” wouldn’t be as bad. If the initial focus of the video is on you instead of the company, then you should be ok.

Of course I have to ask why you need to company name/logo in there to begin with? Surely if it’s your first major video you would want the focus to be on you, not on the company or yoyo that you are using…?

All just my opinion though. Everyone is different.


Well it is after my name, but you do mention some good points. I guess I got the idea just from seeing videos with logos, and then never really questioned it. Now that you bring it up, though, I think it would be better to remove it. Thanks for the advice!


No worries! I look forward to seeing this video, it’s obvious you’re putting a serious amount of effort into it. =D