logo one drop hubstacks.

So far this is just an Idea that might work but getting Lego Onedrop side effects and those rotational lego brick used for crains and stuff so at this site.


getting these pieces.

#1 Element ID: 368026
Design ID: 3680

#2 Element ID: 4540203
Design ID: 3679

#3 Element ID: 302201
Design ID: 3022

Then I would add this for design.

Element ID: 6029156
Design ID: 13360

Would it work? Has anyone tried it before?

P.S. The total shipping price of those bricks is $6.15 for two of each brick.

I’d imagine it might work, though not well and not for long. Also might melt the plastic from friction, though I’m not sure. Also depends on how tightly you grip the hubstacks.

One more thing, I’m not sure if the Lego side effects are actually Lego sized. I don’t own any, but I assumed it was just because they looked like Legos not because they were actually Lego sized. They could be though, like I said, I don’t own any.

This has been done before, I’ve seen pics and can’t find them right now but here’s a video of Brian Melford with his lego hubstack mod :

Just not as free-spinning as ball bearings. The swivel mechanism in Lego is entirely made of plastic.

Yeah didn’t expect it to be any where close to as good as real hubstacks but it is cool that it would work to an extent. the only things is that that guy said it added some vibe to the yoyo so I would probable add and take them off as I wanted to use them. :slight_smile: