Live Free or Die


Hey heres my latest video

comments/suggestions appreciated


That was a great video. I liked the background you have chosen and the start
of the video.

I dont know why you shown us how you put your glasses ???

Overall i liked it. Just to ask what yoyo(s) did you use for 1a?

(Thomas) #3

He is living up to his siggy and I think the yoyo was spyy addiction or punchline?


the 3a was amazing… song was… not


any more suggestions or comments?


Awesome, Tech and smooth, Awesome!


i dig dig, dig the tricks. And the shades. And the 3A. And the ducklings. And the lake. And the oh! screw this. GREAT VID!!!

(202andrew) #8

Great Video Donald! Where was this filmed?


I filmed it by a lake in New Hampshire