Little big post about Indian yoyoing.

OK it came to my mind when an Indian posted on fb about why yoyo companies dont promote in India. Now that issue was solved with the likes of Steve Brown and veterans.

But I got I chat with that Indian. I told him to join the yoyoers India group we have 11 members there.

Now this is just a build up till.

Guess what he said. Can i be sponsored. Lol.

They said yes you can if you fit in the role company wants.

He said no contest here.

Now here is the interesting part I said be active on online communities post vids.

I dont know how to put it.

But I thought that to I didn’t wanted to join yye as I thought what will I do here talking to you guys you are not in my country.

But I joined then slowly slowly I found you are nice guys. Lol. Really helpful and even though you are not in my country its still nice talking to you.

Then there are online contest more frequently then physical contests that’s great people can participate.

Then when people we you vid or you see theres it feels great you get my point.

What I’m saying people in India just look for Indian yoyoers. I mean they should come here and participate. Or other online communities.

So basically just be in the community and be active its better then just finding yoyoers in your country and failing.

I’m really sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Could you try to re-explain?

Did anyone else come in here thinking it was about native americans? Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s saying after an event with some Indian yoyoers, that more Indian yoyoers should come on to social media website and forums such as YYE instead of just convening within their own group. I agree.

Parvar you should lead the Indian yoyo community, advertise, get them on YYE, get them to mingle with others not from their country, etc. You could be a real leader in your country yoyo wise :slight_smile:


Where’s the Rosetta Stone when you need it?

^ Amended slightly for ease of reading. Forgive me for being so bold. :slight_smile:

You understand you are the man.

I made a post in the group to come here and be active.

I agree that when there is a very small community locally, it might be good to branch out, if you want to learn more faster, and be social too. There was a time, not long ago, when people around the world couldn’t communicate as easily as we do today. Some of the Indian yo-yoers might think it’s sufficient to learn tricks from trick videos, rather than turn yo-yoing into something more social here on the forums. For a lot of people, yo-yoing is not really social, just something they do on their own. Personally, I view it that way, to a great extent.

The forum can be intimidating, if English is not their first language, or they think they will be frustrated by not understanding certain slang or references popular in this culture. It looks like you might be the one to bridge the gap MP.

I agree… if only more people from india would join the online community yoyo-ing would be a whole lot better of an experience. It’s not a very comforting thought that the nearest person who shares your hobby lives around 2000 miles away. lol.

Oh and a tip to mysteriousyoyoerparvarsingh … posting this on YYE wont really help … do encourage those 11 people on the fb group to join…i would have joined the group and helped you do so but sadly… i dont do social media currently :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Did it.