List of Modern Responsive Metal YoYo's

Who makes a modern Responsive Metal yoyo, bearing or fixed? Thought we could make a list of them. I really enjoy them, but I know there are some out there that I don’t know about, and some I’ve probably forgotten about.

Broke Village Fidalgo
Custom Axl
Custom Axl Elite
Custom Reactor
Custom Chain Reactor
Custom Golden Eye
Custom Golden Fly
Custom Mag
ProYo Cold Fusion
ProYo Cold Fusion GT
SPYY Flying V
SuperYo Samurai
TimCor StarFire
Tom Kuhn SB-1
Tom Kuhn SB-2
Tom Kuhn SB-3
Tom Kuhn Tom Cat
Tom Kuhn Fat Cat

What others are out there? I’ll keep this list updated.

The Lessur by Whimsy

The newer DV888 is responsive, isn’t it?

I guess I was looking for modern yoyo’s that are meant to be played, and were designed to be responsive. Not 2A yoyo’s, or yoyo’s that are set up to be a learning yoyo like the DV888.

There were some others out there like the list I have above, but I can’t remember what they are.

SB-3, as well.

Super-yo Samurai.

Any yoyo can be responsive. BTW the Fidalgo is fixed axle i think

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Right, but like I said yoyo’s that were designed to be played that way. And fixed axle is responsive also :wink:

I think all of the line of Custom yo-yos were metal responsive, or at least most. I had a Reactor and Chain Reactor.

See here:

What do you define as modern for the purposes of this post?


Any yoyo I try ladder Escape on.

Great thread list!

My Duncan Freehand AL shipped responsive.

A list of mostly discontinued YoYos is modern but a dv888 (and 888) isn’t?

It was never stated that it wasn’t modern, it just doesn’t fit the criteria of the list since it wasn’t designed to perform responsive in any sort of dedicated manner.

From my understanding, and how YYF markets those two, they weren’t designed to be used as responsive yoyos, but to be a stepping stone yoyo to help people get into unresponsive. Has YYF ever designed a yoyo that was meant to only be played responsive? Wasn’t knocking the dv888, I personally really love that yoyo.

Sorry, thought I defined that, a couple times. A yoyo that was designed to be used as a responsive yoyo and made of metal. I believe the SB1 was the first metal fixed axle, and the SB2 was the first beating yoyo, which was designed to be played responsive.

That’s still not giving us a time limit. Last 5 years? 10? 20?

You’re making it more difficult than it needs to be :slight_smile:

Let’s say since the SB2.

Surely just my subjective opinion, but to me, it is not the manufacturer who decides how to play a YoYo. also there isn`t just responsive and unresponsive. Responsiveness is a continuous value which is influenced by the bearing, the gapwidth, the lubrication, the response-system and the string. all these parameters can be changed. that led me from dead unresponsive Raiders to high responsive YYF Shutter. whatever i found funny to do.

the develpment of “modern” yoyoing came from the “use” of YoYos in ways they “weren’t meant” to be used.

To Topic. Henrys offers to the older lineup, (old Viper, Coral Snake) ballbearing, plastic-slide and Fixed-wooden axle to choose. also ILYY released a tribute to the SB1, known als ILYY TRVTH which can be considered “meant different” altought it comes rather unresponsive out of box.

How many of these are actually available? I know the Broke Village Fidalgo is. Also, the Tom Kuhn Silver Bullet 4 (assuming it qualifies).

Every metal yo-yo released prior to 2004ish then.