Light Bimetal

What is the lightest bimetal that still has stability?

Yoyofficer Shift! :slight_smile:

2sickyoyos Knight is pretty nutty.

I would think the king for this is still the Draupnir, though. 63.5g and one of the most stable yoyos you’ve ever played.

Axis pulsefire.

I’ve heard that the 2016 SuperStar is light.

The Leo sniperMk-II blows everything everyone has said out of the water. It weighs 58grams!!!

The schneider mk-ii is also 61grams so I guess that’s pretty light too.

Man I really gotta get a draupnir. I just can’t imagine anything being better than the Leo sniper

To me the 2016 Superstar actually plays pretty heavy. I have a lot of light throws in my collection though.

2016 superstar is not light, very average weight, plays great.

I second the Schneider mkII, haven’t played the Leo sniper though.

The Schneider mkII is phenomenal though, very stable, really fun.

bi metal superstar

I personally don’t find it to be super(star) light. It isn’t heavy by any mean, but there are many lighter ones out there…

I have both yoyofficer Shift and bimetal Superstar, and I have to say, ss is definitely not light, and it plays heavier than its weight.

Shift however is so light and nimble, and spins for ages. It is really stable, even at low rpms.

IMO, you should get the Shift.

The superstar is 66 grams, that’s average for sure. Anyone who says its light is misleading you haha.