Life sucks right now :(

So, my wife, son and I just moved from California to Indiana. It took us about a week to drive out here and we’ve been here for about two weeks now. Before we moved, we hired a moving service through a reputed broker to move all our stuff accross the country. Now, we DID NOT WANT TO DO THIS. But the fact of the matter is, we are struggling right now financially, having a child is extremely difficult. Because of this, we had to move in with my mother for a while until we are financially on our feet. My mom didn’t want to have to rent a truck and drive both vehicles accross the country so she insisted on hiring a moving company. When the “reputable” movers arrived, they arrived in an unmarked truck wearing no uniforms (just t-shirts and shorts or jeans) and the man who seemed to be in charge of the operation was a very crude, rude Arabic man who spent half of the time on his bluetooth cellphone speaking half english half arabic, complaining and saying very rude and unprofessional things to someone on the other end of the line.

So, as they were loading our entire life packed up in small boxes onto an unmarked and frankly dirty truck, I professed to my mom how much I did NOT trust these people with everything we own (and a T.V. that we are in debt over). She ignored my statements and even paid these people more money when they told her that there were “extra fees”. They finished loading our things and left. The next day, we departed our beloved home and set off to Indiana. Our belongings were supposed to be delivered to our new address one day after we arrived so all we could do was hope for the best. On our way accross the U.S., our pet rat (Doc Holiday) died of over heating and I had to bury him under a tree on an indian reservation in New Mexico and one of the large boxes full of things that were absolutely irreplacable tied down on the roof of the van somehow flew off never to be seen again.

Finally, we arrive at our home in Indiana. We unload all the stuff we packed into the van, all of our animals (4 Leopard Geckos and 14 Turkish House Geckos) and our bed (an air mattress). At this point, we were just so relieved to be here and we were looking forward to getting all of our stuff the next day. But it never came. We called and called and called but no answer. Finally, two days later, they called us and said that the truck hadn’t left California yet and was due to leave that day. But after waiting a week, the truck still never came. So eventually we got ahold of them again and told them that this was no longer acceptable, that the truck needed to be here IMMEDIATELY. We were told that our things aould be put into anundiscloased storage facility locally untill we paid them another $1,550. But that was not the deal that was made. We had already paid them in full for the transprtation of our things. Then they told us that the truck was here in Greenfield Indiana and that if we didn’t pay them another $2,000, they were going to put it all in storage and it would be auctioned.

Needless to say, ALL of this is unbelievably ILLEGAL. They are now holding EVERYTHING WE OWN hostage. And there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. It is devistating because there are some things on that truck that can NOT EVER be replaced. My entire YYE card collection that I worked VERY hard at collecting to hand down to my son, several yoyo’s that were signed and sent to me specifically for my son, my ENTIRE stock of Y3 strings so my buisiness is at a standstill and pictures of my wife and her grandfather who passed away and she was extrememly close to. On top of it all, I was in the middle of a couple really big trades and some of the things that were involved in those trades are on that truck. So now I have to reverse the trades because I can’t keep my end of the deals and it’s going to probably look really bad on me and I’m hoping that I don’t get negative feedback or any sort of trouble for it. Oh, and did I mention that HALF OF MY YOYOS WERE ON THAT TRUCK? Yea. CLYW Glacier Express (MIB) just to name one example of what I’m never gonna see again.

I’m really scared…and devistated…and angry and upset and sad and mad and sick to my stomach over this…that was our entire life packed up in small cardboard boxes…gone…I don’t know what to do…

Feel so bad for you, man. I have no words.

wow! That is not good…At all…Did you contact police about it?


I didn’t understand how this can be illegal and that there’s nothing that can be done about it :-[

I can’t even say anything.

That is like.

I think contacting the police would be the best thing.

What moving service did you use?

i hate to say it but most likely your stuff is gone. the best you can do is contact the police give them the phone number you have for them if its legit they can use it to track them down. Next time you get uncomfortable dont let them touch your stuff its yours you retain the right to close the deal.

Let’s catch them scammers.

That looks good too.

I really hope you can get your stuff.

Your one of the nicest people on here.

So sorry to hear, YoYoYakuza! =[

Unfortunately this isn’t uncommon. They pulled this scheme on my mom once, which is really strange because she doesn’t own anything of value, nor does she have any money. People preying on those in need makes my blood boil.

Yea, I am absolutely DEVISTATED! All I can do is try to rebuild the collection I had to hand down to my son, and it sucks because we don’t have ANY money lol Logi has been nice enough to offer some stuff that he doesn’t use anymore toward this cause, which is amazing

Pretty sure the cops are able to get involved. I think that should be your initial response and something you should do sooner than later.

Law enforcement can only step in if local or state laws have been broken unfortunately and these guys aren’t stupid, they are operating within every loophole in order to disable that from happening

Fraud and theft are illegal in every us jurisdiction that I know of.

@reefguy and @yomagic

Yes, fraud is illegal. It doesn’t mean that you can get the system to work for you however. Do a little research and you will see just how effective the police are (not at all, not a single bit of help) in helping with the recovery of your possessions. You have to take the company through the court system. That company most assuredly has more money to handle a lawsuit that you cannot afford. It is not simply a matter of calling the cops and they’ll handle it. You have to lubricate the gears of justice sometimes to get them to work in your lawful favor, but you probably can’t afford the lube.

Call in saying the stuff was stolen when you were moving? Maybe that would get the attention of the police… That or start a court case up about this cause this isn’t fair so sue them or get your stuff back at least they probably would be petrified over going to court over this because they know it’s illegal. (cause you know a court case would probably make things fair or something like that!) oh and how come you didn’t use like a name brand moving company? There bound to be more reliable or so I hope. Anyways let us know of the yoyos that were “stolen” and see of we can fill any of those gaps!

Able to? Probably. Will they go out of their way to make sure their job gets done and he gets his stuff back? Nope. They’ve got underage smokers and 5mph over speeders to take to jail.
In the last six months there have been no less than three separate car prowlings in my own driveway, had a roll of copper pipe stolen off a work truck within that time frame as well(this is in the suburbs of a small Navy town). I couldn’t get a single police officer to come out.

Last week my new neighbor renting the house next door called the police because my friend hit boost in his Passat and let the BOV go off in front of their house. Still under the speed limit, cops were there in an hour.
Do not trust the police to be there for you. Or even to do their job. 95% of them are just out to fuck up your day.

*Ignorant post of the day award

Just got off the phone with an agency that helps people in this specific case. Went through the entire situation with them and they even contacted the guy in charge of it. They are operating in so many loopholes it’s not even funny, they are completely within the legal limits so, in other words, we are screwed. If we send them more money, we’ve been told, chances are we will never see our stuff again. however, if we do not send them money, we will never see our stuff again, but we might. this…is BS. if i didn’t shave my head every day i would literally be ripping hair out.

Recovering things is what I do. I’m team leader for the underwater recovery unit at my county’s sheriff office. I guarantee that if the op came in to my so and filed a complaint, it would be investigated.

Actually most cops are pretty lenient torwards speed limits; most won’t stop you unless you are going like 5-10+ the limit. But this really depends on the person they are, and their mood.

And even if you do get a ticket, file an appeal. My dad has done this like 4 times(lol) and the cops didnt show up to court once

Now back to the actual problem:
This really sucks.
And that “reputed broker” should be notified of this so no one else is screwed over.
But for this situation… Maybe try to win the stuff back when it’s auctioned?(terrible idea, I know)
Super last resort, but if there is no other way…

dude,i this is the first ive stumbled upon this man…i had no idea that this was happening to you buddy…i would simply murder somebody, without a doubt. and smiling in every court case and hearing thrown my way…if you need anything sir, msg me and lemme know. i get paid tonight,if you need even like just 50$ for formula or something lemme know. im more than happy to help you man. like previously stated in this forum…your one the nicest of people on here…you and a few others actually encouraged me with out knowing to continue with my own BST. and to be part of the online community that is YYE. never met you in my life, but im here for you buddy. just lemme know.


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