LF: YYF Red or Purple 888x (or older models) or DNA

im looking for a MINT red/purple/blue 888x or a 07, 08, 09 model. Im not looking for anything super rare or something even slightly rare. Just plain red, purple or blue. I want it to be smooth and preferably mint. I dont a couple dings, just sand them down (need a great grinding yoyo).

Also, im on the hunt for dna in any of those colors too.

All i have right now to trade (which im really leaning on) is a near mint c13. Its got a small ding on each halve and is a great string player. The grinds on it are fabulous. Doesnt come with stacks, but has white nubs. It also has black orings on each inner grind ring which add a tiny bit of weight.

i can also add money to a trade.

ALSO LOOKING FOR ANY YOYO THAT CAN DO SUPREME GRINDS, in those colorways adding green and brown as well.