LF??? yo-yos and your pakage deals!!! i added my F.T


Looking to buy your rec Rev yo-yos
One drop yo-yos
•54 and code 1 would be cool!
•Ava or sas would be great
•Pgm in blue and yellow only
•northstar no cracks pls
If you have a cool yo-yo for a good price regardless of the brand send me pics and your asking price thanks!

I have 2 yos for trade
A half white half purple crucial milk mint
And a beat gnarwal
Will trade for a northstar or something like that or a plastic c3

*Mint is great
Beat is okay as long as vibe isn’t that bad
Just send me what you have and a reasonable price tag.

I need string to ASAP. So let me know if you guys have some for sale. Thank you guys…

Hi guys I’m thinking about getting into yo-yoing I no longer use my old account it had like 8 positive feed back if you wish for the name just PM me.


I have a in great shape close to mint Black sharp for sale. 60$. And an fx.

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