LF: yellow freehand 1

Hey everyone!, I’ve been looking for a yellow freehand that will except caps like this one.

I have looked almost everywhere and haven’t found a place that sells them, does anyone here have one?

I have the one from the pic you posted. It was my first ball bearing yo-yo, and it is currently broken beyond repair (note the crack in the rear half).

You will have a very hard time finding a yellow FH1 like the one pictured, as this yo-yo has not been manufactured since 2001. I would recommend you look into the FHZ, which, despite having a different cap design, fits the same caps, and is more durable, an updated design, and is still in production today.

I would buy a freehand zero in an instant, but they don’t make it in yellow; I’m trying to recreate a yoyo similar to this the one in this spinworks blog. http://blog.spinworkx.com/2012/12/old-but-still-fresh-part-5.html

I looked for special addition FHZ but couldn’t find any in yellow, and I don’t know how well dying would work.

If you can find a white FHZ, you could probably dye it to a comparable yellow hue.

As for the yellow caps + OG logo, good luck.