LF: Vsnyyc Septopus. Have YYR, YYF, TP, CLYW, and more!


Hey guys, looking for a good amount of throws, especially a septopus. Looking to both sell and trade. If you want more pictures please let me know. All prices are stated or OBO

Trade list (feel free to offer anything that seems fair, doesn’t have to be limited to this list)(Bolded means I really want it):
YoYoRecreation: Blink, Stardust 2, Stargeyser, Sputnik
Sturm Panzer: Schneider MK-II, LM Schneider
Sengoku: Hideyoshi
CLYW: Wooly Marmot 2, Gnarwhal 2
Turning Point: Leviathan 6 or 7
YoYoFactory: Space Cowboy
Vs. Newton: Septopus, Moonwalker
C3: Krown ST, Gungir

What I have:

Deal Sweeteners
5a Counterweights

CLYW Puffin 2 (Mint)(Red/Yellow Acid Wash)[$80]https://i.imgur.com/gctAFmN.jpg

YoYoRecreation E=MC^2 (Mint with Box)(Sam Scott Edition)(Blue with Yellow Splash)[$120][Pending]http://i.imgur.com/M9lcJy6.jpg

YoYoRecreation DRΔUPNIR (Mint with Box)(Black)[Trade Only]http://i.imgur.com/U7eScsd.jpg

Sengoku Nobunaga (Mint)(Black)[Trade Only]https://i.imgur.com/AiWtgy7.jpg

VS.NYYC Skywalker (Mint)(Green)(Small Bearing)[$90]https://i.imgur.com/Yb3A6k0.jpg

YoYoFactory Superstar 2016 (Mint)(Black)[$60]http://i.imgur.com/z0L6Naf.jpg

YoYoFactory Dogma (Mint)(Blue)[$60]https://i.imgur.com/YMRrSdv.jpg

YoYoFactory TOOHot (Mint(Purple with White Speckles)[$40]https://i.imgur.com/vJrPvt5.jpg

YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2 (Mint)(Wounded Steel aka Boyd vs. Augie edition)(Clear/Gray Acid Wash with Red splash)[$80]

YoYoRecreation Clashcube (Mint)(Custom Ano’ed and Galaxy Blasted by Jason Wong)(Black with Blue/Green/Yellow fade splash)[$120]

Turning Point x YoYoAddict AX (Slight vibe from anodizing job)(Custom Ano’ed by Jason Wong)[$100]

C3 Master Galaxy (Mint)(Blue with Pink Splash)(Blue/Pink Fade)[$60][Pending]

3yo3 Accent (Mint)(Polished Acrylic)[$40][Pending]

3yo3 Volume (Mint)(Black Delrin)[$40]

Chico Heavy Hitter (Slight scratch on inner ring)(Blue)[$40]

Past Transactions
Ten-Yo Decapod (Mint)(Raw Polished)
YoYoFactory Supernova (Some scratches on rims)(Black on Black)
Turning Point Leviathan 3 (2 smudges and 1 nick)(Brown)
Madhouse Epic (Mint)(Blue with Blue/Purple faded caps)
YoYoRecreation Dreadnought (Mint)(Black)(Beadblasted)(Custom K-Pad recessed)
YoYoFactory 2007 888 (Mint)(Yuuki Spencer Edition)(Purple with White Engravings)
YoYoRecreation Stardust v2 (Mint)(Raw)(Some Feelable Vibe)
YoYoRecreation Gleipnir (Mint)(Custom Ano’ed by Jason Wong)(Yellow/Green Fade)


Check your PM’s




Hey . I want to buy gm2


888 2007 and also took to the same time)
and all that I would have made faster

(yoyobro!) #16

Are these still up for sale?


yer dogma is above retail lol

(system) #18