LF: used Gnarwhal, Puffin, Marmot, KLR, Majesty 2, Albatross (have moneys)

Need to get plane tickets! ONLY LOOKING TO SELL

WANTS: (preferred not mint, but smooth-ish)
Paypal credit
G2 Albatross
General Yo

I ship priority with a tracking number and expect the same. I accept payment sent through Paypal sent as a gift. If you have lower feedback than me, I’ll paypal you or ship my end when I get a confirmation number.

YoYoJam Classic Will throw in with another yoyo for $5.

YoYoFactory Die-Nasty Some flat areas around the rims that I can’t get pictured well. Plays great if you’re starting out on 5a unresponsive! $18

Ask me about package deals! I definitely give discounts if you buy more than one.


Sorry! I know some people get annoyed about this, but I figure there are a lot of gamers here. Here are some new-ish games that I’m not using.

CoD4: MW
Modern Warfare 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Final Fantasy XIII (used for only an hour haha)
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
LA Noire
Black Ops
Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat

Previous transactions:
CLYW FG Avalanche Traded to big cat
YoYoJam Phenomizm and Duncan Echo Traded to iYoYo
YoYoJam Trinity Sold to yoyospirit
YoYoFactory G5 Sold to warcraftruler19
YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 Sold to Zemener
One Drop Code 2 Sold to primespin
YYJ Pinnacle and YYF Protostar Sold to yoyojoe
CLYW Glacier Express Traded to Jcpdx503
YYF Genesis Sold to mullicabob
VsNYYC Battosai (B-grade) Sold to baerinatux
One Drop 54 Sold to JasonKirsch
YoYoFactory 888.x Traded to BrodiemanAXT
CLYW Chief Traded to Jebido
YoYoJam Destiny Given to xxartacxx
YoYoFactory 44 Sold to mullicabob
YoYoFactory Protostar Traded to HiggsBoson
YoYoJam Cerberus Sold to Preinfalk
Adegle PSG Sold to Capt Anxiety
One Drop Cafe Racer Sold to xxartacxx
CLYW Gnarwhal and YoYoFactory Northstar Traded to PandaJuice
YoYoFactory Die-Nasty Sold to fellavader
YoYoFactory Northstar Traded locally
YoYoFactory Superstar, YoYoJam Dark Magic II, Duncan Freakhand, YoYoFactory NorthStar, Duncan FHZ (modded) Sold to xxartacxx
One Drop Dingo (custom ano) Traded to yoyoavenger
YYJ Chaser and YYJ Karma Traded to kbjork
YYJ Mini-Motu Gifted
YYF Plastic Grind Machine and YYF Whip Sold on Facebook
Duncan Echo and YYF Protostar Traded to Hubstacker
VsNYYC Battousai and SPYY Spyder Traded to Yugglevision
YYF Popstar Gifted
YYF Superwide Traded locally
YYJ Sunset Trajectory NXG x2 and YYJ Unleashed Traded to DoubleYo
YYF DV888Traded to Sassafrass for Cozies
One Drop Project 1 Traded to my pal YoYoProMatt
YYJ Unleashed pair Traded to FrankShadowSpeeder
YYJ Lyn Fury Scammed by some jerk on here >:(

Oh, and please PM me for offers and stuff. That way, I get the little e-mail notification to my phone and can respond in a timely manner. Thanks for clicking!

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I’ll take the protostar for 20

Pm about the chief

how bout a gold and gray metropilis for 888

that Battosai has vibe because its a B grade. it was sold as a b grade

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Thanks, I didn’t know that. Price adjusted and b-grade noted in the post now!

What’s the least you would take for the dark magic and other 2 how much is the least you would take for those 3?

U still have that g5?

Just pm you I want a clyw so bad