LF: Something Slash, Sure shot, and the V

Selling a couple of different throws. All prices are shipped in the US. I accept G&S but please cover the fees. I can ship internally but please message me if you’re interested.

C3 Ti Krown with no dings or scuffs but some scratches $200 (sold)

Doombot proto 1 with small raw marks/scratches (not positive it’s the first proto but that’s what I believe). It plays great with a bit of vibe. I also have the cannister for this guy as well. $235 (sold)

The original MoNo from At Design with no dings or scuffs. It looks like the blast has worn down very slightly in some spots and it does have one darker spot in the ano. Has a little vibe but really great throw. $60

Dazzler with no damage other than very small surface scratches/raw marks and comes with the box $405 (sold)

Edition reflection with 3 small pin picks $85 (sold)

Proto steadfast with some small pin pricks/scratches $55 (gone)

Splash St Elmo with no damage but a couple of small ano flaws $55

AL6 Carbine with no damage and no box $65 (sold)

Mirage ESD with no damage $50

Proto dv888 with scratches and a couple of deeper ones $40

West Coast with no damage $22


@HARSH reflection

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Its sad that I have to miss this
I bought some crazy stuff last week, hopefully the stuff arrives in the next 6-7 days and if the reflection is still up I can give joe a trade he cant say no to.


@HARSH might be tempted if you have a Mjolnir, Klondike, or W1ld for trade.

International stuff can be slow so dk how long it will take for the wild to arrive, got other stuff coming before the wild, Ill hit you up once stuff is here.

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Always loved the Dazzler. Beautiful

Bump, would be interested in a something v if you have one

Bump carbine is pending

I want the Carbine if it falls through @yoyojoe thanks

Bump looking for some delrin throws.

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