FS: Throws

Just got some random stuff for sale. Prices are shipped in the US.

Wouldn’t mind trading for an og TP Positron.

G2 AL6 Carbine no damage and no box $85

CLYW Beater with a couple of very small scratches on the outer rim. $55 (sold)

OD Parlay with 1 small pin prick and scratch and box (currently has a clear and black mismatched ultralight set)-$70 (sold)

Atmos Noah no damage $110 (sold)

TP Stealth Remix no damage other than very slight scratches on the caps $120 (sold)

TP Miidy with a couple of small dings $55

YYR OG Valkyrie with ano wear between rim and body and a axle mark on one side of the hub $185

YYF Dv888 proto with scratches and 2 small dings $50

IlYY Prometheus no damage $160 (sold)

YYR Gleipnir no damage $100 (keeping)

pshift no damage $120

ILYY Canflon Lynx proto with 4 small chips $165 (traded)

JT Velvety with no damage $85

G2 afterlife plum with no damage $100 (sold)

Tp2 with pin pricks and scratches $20 with anything else (sold)

OD Overture with no damage but it looks like an ano defect $55 (sold)

Maxbet with dings $55

Mirage ESD with no damage $70

Proto Steadfast with a couple of small pin pricks $85

Basilisk light with no damage $110

Basilisk light with two spots of damage on the inner rim $110

Decade glitch with no damage $70 (gone)

Spyy amplifier with 2 small flat spots and a couple of really small scratches $65 (sold)

Crucial milk with scuffs and partially dyed (I think it’s a 2% but not positive) free with a purchase or for someone who really wants it (gone)

Yoyomonster 3 points with no damage but slight scratches/raw marks $55

IlYY St Eel no damage other than slight scratches/raw marks $100 (sold)


@ThrowTrue there is a basilisk lite here

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Always wanted a milk how do they throw?? Anything like a freehand zero?

It’s definitely a different feel from a freehand. More rim weight and more organic for sure. @TrinidadTrent

What do they usually go for?

Usually around $50-70ish @TrinidadTrent



I’ll take the 3pnts

Hi man the Noah is still available?

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It’s still available @PeterVenkman

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