FS: Assorted throws

Offering cash or trades for a paranoid.

Prices are shipped in the US and F&F is preferred but let me know if that doesn’t work

TP Paranoid
TP Basilisk
TP Diaspora
Anglam Apogee
JT LaPua

Nmtbs heterogeneity with box -$65 (sold)

Ti dunk with no damage other than raw scratches on the outer rim -$250 (sold)

Ti freehand with slight raw scratches and box-$180

Thing v1 NMTBS $35 (holding)

Colossus NMTBS $35

Shake NMTBS $70 (sold)

Higby zero NMTBS $65

Dv888 proto with scratches and some that are a bit deeper $60

RD2 with a couple of marks $40

Ed nojive with a scuff $95 (reserved)

Jensen Kimmit Hamburger (plays like an orphan and was custom before ART started) NMTBS $95

Oak take apart knack with 1 small scuff $90 (sold)

Roller woody with a scuff $65

NMTBS Anglam zero $335 (traded)

Aufheben Eureka no damage, no box, slight ano defect on the rims $60 (sold)

Unprld Abduction no damage or box $40 (traded)

Mirage 2020 no damage or box $45

Sturm panzer blade attack with 1 ano imperfection shown in the picture and no box $70 (sold)

Aster with scratches $155 (sold)

Torrent 2 no damage and I do have the box $40 (sold)

ILYY x IYOYO Tiger with ano imperfections $175

Roo yo sv with a couple of small pin pricks and no box $50 (pending)

Nessie with polished rims and 3 small dings $75 (sold)

Anglam og no damage and box $90 sold

Oxy 3 with scratches and 3 flat spots $100 (sold)

Any quicksilver 2 with Teflon coating and some damage without the box $67

401ppk no damage but slight ano imperfections $100

White hole no damage but slight hub issue $20

TP stealth Remix no damage $120

Anglam zero that was sparked but still pretty smooth $215 (sold)

Tp shake with some scuffs and small dings $25 (keeping)

Clock Hazard diffusion 2 with mold marks but no damage. Just the yoyo and I am looking to get $25 (sold)

Possible trades for a paranoid:
TP Basilisk Light
TP hardcoat splash St Elmo
Edition Reflection
Swirl b grade al7 life
Slam dunk
Mirage ESD
JT Velvety
Canflon lynx
Mono 54mm
Leo Schneider MK2 and OG
Yoyostudio llama trick motion


Free bump for the rare Tiger


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Bump would love to find a la pua

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Mirage 있나요?

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