FS: throws

Looking to trade for the following things:
Oxy IO
New TP superstar
TP Solenoid Blasted
Yyr clashcube
YYR fragment
The works skywalker
Metal milk
G2 nessie

Sense mono stage
Purple Surveil
Mowl infiltrate
Polycarb freehand
C3 Ti Radius
Duncan gtr js in purple
Jake Bullock slappa
TP og mustang
Something sure shot

C3 strelitzia apus with no damage other 1 small scratch on the body and some small scratches/raw marks on the rims with the box $350 (sold)

JT Ribira with 2 dings and the box $225 (sold)

TP Sancti Grail (gold plated) with slight scratches/raw marks with the box $550

Danny You Dragon Fang $50

Yoyomonster Antagonist with no dings or scuffs and typical yym vibe (fine scratches on it that can’t be felt) $50

West Coast with some wear to the engraving $25

Proto dv888 with 2 small dings and scratches $40

ILYY 3145 with a couple of small scratches/flat spots $70

Champions new 888 with box $44

Turbo grind machine no damage $25 (sold)

Things that have sold:
000 BTM with no digs or scuffs, but some slight surface scratches/raw marks $350 ( if you want I can polish this guy up)
TP Paranoid with 2-3 small surface scratches that don’t break ano $112 keeping
Doombot proto (same version as production though) I have the box and no damage other than a bit of tarnish/raw marks $300 keeping
Oxy obsidian no damage $70 pending
OD 1to1 with no damage I can see $45 pending
Yoyomonster 3 points with raw marks/scratches $50 sold
IlYY Bias $80 keeping
Save 3a titan pair with a couple of 3a marks (mostly unused) $150 (sold)
New something angle with a couple of small scratches $20 sold
Pink crazy D with no dings or scuffs (fine scratches on it that can’t be felt) $50 (sold)
Mowl vigilancia with no damage but the box has some damage $40 sold
Mowl Surveil (fine scratches that can’t be felt) $45 sold
Yyr Anomaly with a dark spot in the ano $66 (sold)
Something V $25 (fine scratches that can’t be felt) (sold)
Yweti no damage I can see with the box $325 (sold)
Wilderness 7075 autumn with no damage and I have the box $60 (sold)
Mowl M with no damage and no box $45 (sold)
Atmos aria (A grade) with no dings or scuffs, but it does have some small scratches/surface marks. This comes with the box, and I’m looking to get $165 for it (sold)
Dis Anima B grade with 1 small scratch (possibly slight raw marks on the caps) and it comes with the box $57 (sold)
At design Mono with 1 dark spot in the ano and it has some general wear on the blast. The blast has just worn down in some spots. $60 (sold)
Something angle from the original run with a couple of very small scratches (smaller and made in Japan) $45 (sold)
Rebirth with some damage and no box $35 (sold)
Atmos tide with packaging $250 (sold)

Prices are shipped in the US


Ill take the anima, where should I contact you?

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@Drakkar 3145


Thanks for letting me know @tylerpan. Joe and I have spoken regarding the 3145. Unfortunately, though, it’s a little too damaged for my OCD.


bump :slight_smile:

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How do you feel about the Bias compared to the 3145?


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