LF: Some titanium yoyos

(Victor) #1

I’m looking to buy certain yoyos, which are no longer available on the market. I’m not interested in trading for these, unfortunately. Regarding condition, the yoyos will have to be mint or near mint. If it’s an extremely rare yoyo, I might be inclined to make an exception.

Here’s the list:

Japan Technology: Frost

Yoyorecreation: Dazzler (not sure about this one as I have a YYR Fireworks already on its way here).

Luftverk: Tundra (preferably AMS 2488, but I might settle for the regular version)

One Drop: Citizen

VsNYYC: TiWalker (alright, this is definitely a long shot, but I had to ask)

Turning Point - Mustang

Unparalleled: Titanium Flash

Let me know if you have one of these, and we might be able to work something out.

Thank you!

(ClockMonster) #2

@Yospeedracer is selling a Tundra.

(David Napoleon) #3

I sold the tundra. Thank you for the hit though.

(Victor) #4

Thanks, man. I appreciate that!


So… you’re looking for all titanium yoyos? You might want to put that in the topic title :wink:

(Victor) #6

Hahaha! I can name several more. :wink:

(Victor) #7

Just wanted to say… Bump.

(Victor) #8

Added the Mustang to the list. I’ve been curious about Turning Point yoyos for quite some time. Let me know if you have one.

(Victor) #9

Bump for my grails. :slightly_smiling_face: