Collection completed. Please close

(Victor) #1

Only one remains guys: Japan Technology - Frost. Let me know if you have one. Help me complete my collection.

Thank you!

(ClockMonsterLA) #2

@Yospeedracer is selling a Tundra.

(David Napoleon) #3

I sold the tundra. Thank you for the hit though.

(Victor) #4

Thanks, man. I appreciate that!


So… you’re looking for all titanium yoyos? You might want to put that in the topic title :wink:

(Victor) #6

Hahaha! I can name several more. :wink:

(Victor) #7

Just wanted to say… Bump.

(Spinworthy Glen) #10

@yoyodoc has 2 Frosts I think. Pm him and he might sell you one of them.

(Victor) #11

Thank you very much for the information. Is it me, or does he have at least two of everything?


I have a mint Citizen that I’m happy to sell (based in the UK), I actually found this thread (and signed up) because I was googling to see if anyone was looking for one.

What’s this, a new member, zero posts… offering a mint Citizen?! My spider scam sense is tingling…

Yes I appear sketchy but I’m not and can provide PLENTY of proof and lots of positive eBay feedback to back me up.

However since I’m a new member I can’t seem to actually PM you… :sweat_smile: any chance you could pm me an email and we can take it from there?


Sorry if I’ve broken any rules here mods, if I have please let me know and I shall amend my behaviour accordingly. :+1:t2:

(Victor) #14

I was actually pretty convinced until I saw the “#ipromiseimnotascammer” addition at the very end. It’s like one of those movies where the girlfriend asks what the guy does for a living, and he responds, “I’m a highly-paid government assassin,” and they both laugh. Which is funny, 'cause it’s true. :rofl:

But, all joking aside, I’m going to need some verification that this is legitimate. I’ve sent you a private message.



" The lady doth protest too much, methinks "

(Victor) #16

Well, you can’t really blame the ladies nowadays. It’s hard to find a nice guy.

Also, perhaps queen Gertrude just didn’t know how to appreciate good talent.

(Victor) #17

Collection completed. Please close. A big thank you to everyone who helped and an even bigger one to YoyoExpert and these two great people: Glenacious, Yoyodoc