LF: SIDE EFFECTS! Red, black, & clear flat caps | + some yoyos

Looking for:
One of each, ideally from the same seller if possible to save on shipping:
Red, black, and clear flat cap SE’s. Also looking for black UL SE’s.

Also looking for:

  • Clear Diorama
  • CLYW Wildfire (Not Fools gold, black or orange only pls)
  • G2 Valhalla, Indigo Dreams or 117 (These colors only pls)
  • Kuntosh 5KQV (Don’t have one yet, would like one in any decent color at this point) Pink/purple/teal fade preferred tho (was a YYE exclusive).
  • SF Cadence in Rose Gold (doesn’t have to be 100% mint but would prefer smooth).

Paypal Ready. Slide into my DM’s.

My feedback thread.



I’m sending you a DM with what some might think is an obscene asking price.

I’m not looking to sell but I am one of those “everything’s got a price” guys
And this yo-yo is absolutely Box Office Smash caliber. All mint with all the original fixins’ included.


Bump! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

Anyone got two sets of black UL SE’s for me?

I have a flashback, I believe it’s NMTBS in the black colourway. Would you be fine if it’s a b grade?

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shaking, crying and throwing up b/c I don’t have a Kuntosh 5KQV in my collection yet… SAD!!!

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Why is a Kuntosh 5KQV all of a sudden a difficult thing to find? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Kuntosh 5KQV pls (!!!)

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Looking for:

Would like to try the supposed best yoyo of 2021!

Which one is indigo dreams?

This guy

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I got a blue with gold SS not the liquid: it’s the same blue

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If you don’t want/don’t like/need $$$/whatever your Mango Diorama… PM me :pray:


How many of the diorama do you think you will end up picking up?


which color did you end up getting?

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Was planning on only getting a clear and then a mango and blue to do a YWET looking half swap and selling the duplicate. However…

Only managed to snag a blue, and picked up a SM as well that I might possibly trade towards a clear or orange.

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Oh man, you and me both. If I get a Mango one somehow, happy to split the halves for you!

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Deal! :pray:

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Bumpity bump bump!

LF: Clear Diorama and CLYW Wildfire (Black or orange)