Wanting to get rid of most of my collection

Hey all! College is getting busy, and my priorities are changing. I’m hoping to sell a portion of my collection and only keep some of the yoyos I regularly play with. If you see something that interests you, please pm me with offers or for info/pictures. Should be obvious, but I’m not willing to trade. Thanks!

UPDATE: Buy any three for a $40 package deal.

BiND, Superstar, Puffin 2, Red Shutter, Boa, and Kayak sold!

Blue Shutter no longer available


What do you want for the yo-yo expert replay?

What iare the top left, second in the second row and 4th in the second row?

Hi. Interested in buying 3. Do you mind listing what you have available? Thanks

$15, or $10 if bought with something else

List by row:

Top Row:
YYF B-grade Superstar
MagicYo Aurora
YYF B-grade Horizon
YYF Shutter
YYF Wedge

Middle Row:
CLYW Kayak
CLYW Puffin 2
YFF Shutter
Retic B-grade Boa
YYF Replay Pro

Bottom Row:
YFF Ibs-grade BiND
YFF B-grade ND matte finish
YYF B-grade Horizon
TopYo Colossus V
YYF Overthrow (cracked shell and can be included free with anything.

How about the red shutter?

$25 (It’s mint)

I’ll buy second row: 1st, 2nd and 4th, howmuch?

so Kayak, puffin 2 and Boa

Hello! Interested in the ND, Kayak and Collosus. Are they still available?

What a deal!

Yep! I was trying to stay true to their value for a while, but I’ve decided to just let them go.

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It’s for the best!

Good luck this semester!


Thanks, I get paid Friday I will see what you have available then

Which yo-yos are still available? Probably interested

What about the superstar, horizon, and colossus V?

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