LF: SB Yuuksta & Genesis

Looking for Genesis and Yuukstas now.


Help a homie out

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Do any of these exist? Pls let me know :joy:

Gimme ya small smalls

What year was that? 2008?
Asking for a friend.

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I BELIEEEEEVE it was 2011 for Yuuksta.
2010 for Genesis but I’m not sure on that one. Just going off of what I remember.

Earlier would make more sense tbh. I don’t kno if they did a couple of runs.

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It’s 2014.

This isn’t a small bearing, sorry.

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no worries.

PM me with a price if you’re tryna get rid of that tho :eyes: :sweat_smile:

The other side is plain red. No laser.
What will you offer me?