LF: Offers, Addiction 2, Lots of others! FT: vsNewton Skywalker, CLYW, C3, Oxy, 3yo3, and plastics

Hello! I am looking to trade some of my yoyos! I will entertain any trade offers but mostly looking for stuff on my list. I have other yoyos if you do have something on my list.

CLYW Pickaxe
Heaven Sent Creep
SPYY Addiction 2
YYF Shutter Wide Angle
YYF Rockstar (2010-11)
66percent Sliphnir
66percent Stealth Ogre

The Yo-duh/Smear Gully (minor vibe might be able to be tuned, plays smooth 8.5/10) one small prick not able to be felt and hard to picture.


Next is a c3 7075 Krown 2013 yoyonews.jp Plays smooth 9/10 visibly has vibration but cannot feel with nail or grind. A couple scuffs and flat spot on silver side. One scratch on blue.


Next is a CLYW Chief Ash Berry. Beautiful a couple scratches no dings or pinpricks. Plays a tiny bit viby (7/10) but not terrible.


Next is an Oxygene Ozone plays dead smooth all damage pictured.


Lastly is a 3yo3 cosmo. Has vibe no damage, was tightened too hard once. Plays pretty awesome but pretty unforgiving to issues with throwing.


Some plastics Looking to trade.
Delrin Severe no damage minor vibe
Freehand Pro

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