LF: Non-hubstack version Confusion *FOUND*PLEASE CLOSE*

Been wanting a Confusion, but trying to trim some weight off the version currently available. Is anyone looking to part with their non-hubstack version?

Edit: Seeing now that what I wrote above is a little confusing. By “trim some weight off” I meant because the OG Confusion is 6061 it weighs a little less, so I’m looking for one instead of just buying a newer one off YYE.

Uh…. That sounds a little Confusing?

What are you planning on ‘doing’?

And ‘now’ will you go about doing it?

PS… you can trust me on this> I know a little about ‘doing things to yo-yos’.

Can you provide a little more detail?

I think that if you don’t install hubstacks the new one is basically the same weight.

Edit: the hubstacks are worth it though. Super fun feature.

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Oo you’re right that did sound confusing. I just meant I’m looking for the OG Confusion because it’s 4-5grams lighter than the one you can readily get now. I don’t plan on literally shaving off some weight.

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Yeah I’ve been debating if the 4ish gram difference would even be noticeable. I take it you don’t really notice any weight difference.

I have a brass dome One Drop side effect that is about 5 grams heavier than an ultralight. When you put it on a Deep State it is very noticeable. That said I am much more forgiving of weight since the new butterfly AL came out.


Giving this a little mid-day bump.

Just a wee Saturday afternoon bump.

I have a purple one with 3 small marks on it

Oh I’ve never seen a purple one before. Can you PM me pics?

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Purple is first run from 2018

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