LF JoeXAnn Genesis - Offering Cash/Trades in your favor

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My trade/sale gallery

Help me finish my Ann Connolly collection

I got cash or the yoyos in the link above. Either way, I’m down to pay well for them!


These are what I need

If you have something else I might need, feel free to PM me


I have the other one, just need this one <3

Happy throwing <3


You have anything you willing to trade for a onedrop benchmark 2013 “H” with horsehead colorway. It has a couple little dings and a couple small scratches. Friend walked by while throwing and string got caught and broke. I’m not looking for anything mint because mine is not. I just want to try a bunch of different throws until I find the right type for me lol. Theres a little vibe but nothing that really hinders its play. I use it everyday and is one of the best yoyos ive used.

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I have no interest in a benchmark, sorry.

Also bump

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Prices are super negotiable right now! Hit me up <3

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