I don’t care what condition the Itouch is, just no heavily cracked screens. I don’t care if its first or second gen. Just please over 4 gigs.

Hybrid Hitman - Awesome yoyo. Brilliant 5a player, has some light scuffs that were satined off and one small ding that is still visible. I have almost tuned all the vibe out of it. The smoothest YYJ I have ever played besides my sigma Blade Zwei. X-con Caps! Siliconed, YYJ SP33D Bearing. Really nice throw. Spiral Satined

Looking for, $30 Shipped.
Black Knight - Picked this up a week ago, I just don’t like the shape. i have no clue why. I think its because I’ve been playing with my protostar, haha. Nice throw. New axle, pretty close to dead smooth, another smooth YYJ. 2 Visible dings, I will try to satin out if wanted! Comes with caps, and has some yellow pad in it. I don’t know what it is, but it has tight binds, so I don’t care, lol. Desheilded YYJ stock bearing. Satined.

Looking for 30 shipped, or trade.[/s]GONE!

Sigma Blade Zwei - Previously owned by Q, the smoothest YYJ I have ever played - LEGIT! This thing is satined, with scuffs along the rims, and a big*** chunk of plastic taken out. Shown in second pic. COMES WITH AN AXLE (even though not shown in pictures), but has a desheilded YYJ stock. Siliconed. A couple cracks, but it plays AMAZING! Oh, and no caps.
http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1282/4657469441_8b30a99f5a_m.jpg Spiral Satined.
Looking for $25 shipped. or trade.

Mini-Mo-trixx - My first undersized throw besides a CU. Loved, with one crack, but near mint. Couple of small scuffs. Sloppy silicone job, but still plays great. This one has some vibe. Just a little more than the regular YYJ vibe. No axle, or bearing. Satined; Comes with Caps!

Looking for $15 shipped, or trade.

Speeder - Basically in the same condition than the Mo-trixx, except no cracks. Couple small scuffs, YYJ vibe, no bearing, no axle. Siliconed. Excellent horizontal player when set-up.

$15 shipped. Or trade.

Protostar - KK’ed, spiral satined, no logo on both sides. near mint, it has mold marks. Siliconed Gray (grey). Amazing throw, and the best protostar I’ve played.
My favorite throw almost, so it will take a lot to get this offa me.
$45 shipped. or trade.GONE!

My Black Knight! Hey thats the exact same reason I traded it lol. Just not my cup of joe.

Yeah, i’m not diggin the shape. I already sold it though :smiley:

l’ll give you a fhz modded perfect condtion still have its original box for the mini mo trix

FYI, there is no second pic of the Zwei

Second pic? there isn’t a second pic for any.

You said the damage to the Zwei would be shown in a second pic, which there is none.

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Oh, thanks. i’ll get a second pic up later tonight.

ive got a jailbroken touch with a SLIGHTLY cracked screen and one with a brand spankin new screen. whichever you want you can pm me for any details.