LF: Grail, paying cash.


I’d like a Grail. I’d like to pay you cash for yours.

Yoyos are worth what people will pay. Nothing more. All yoyos mint with acceptable machine marks (wooden yoyos). Cash offers preferred, trades accepted.

-Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 (BC era) - blue gloss - $20

-BC Apollo - striped finish - $25

-BC Atlas - white - $15

-BC Black Bird - black/red (a few spots of missing paint as visible in picture) - $15


I’ve never heard of the Apollo. Is it fixed axle, and how does it play compared to the No-Jive?



The Apollo, Atlas, and Blackbird are all fixed axle (and not take-apart). They were manufactured by BC/What’s Next, which is the same company that makes the contemporary No Jive.

A lot of people feel that the laminated woods (like the Apollo) are better balanced than normal woods. I think they’re heavier, as well.

I would say that the Apollo plays comparably to the No Jive. Maybe better. Just have a paperclip ready to fish out knots!

(Source: I have a few Apollos and a Butterfly Blackbird.)

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