no jive wanted

(Waylon) #1

Looking for a no jive. I’ve got a few plastics I’m willing to trade one for one depending on the no jive.

White Stacked PGM (2010)
Black Legacy
Siliconed neon yellow 2010 Freehand
Blue Velocity (the edition with the skinny k-pads)
And maybe a reshaped, single pad recessed Modfather FHZ, clear with orange sparkle caps.

All of the yoyos have a few scuffs and/or dings but nothing even remotely serious. Pics available upon request.

Oh yeah, I’m also interested in diabolo stuff.

(Waylon) #2

No no jives out there?

(Joshhh) #4

there are, its that no jives are worth alot more then anything you have here…

(Waylon) #5

I bought the no jive I have new for $20 shipped one year ago. Has their value gone up that much? That may be the case since you can’t find them at any retailers anymore.

(system) #6