LF: Duncan Bimetal Bumblebee

I’m looking for a Duncan Bimetal Bumblebee. I had the original as a kid and would be interested in trying it out again now that it has been possibly upgraded.

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Funny, I was just looking into these. It seems like the consensus was that people didn’t really enjoy the revamp.

I’ve been looking into them for a bit. I’m not interested in the $50 price tag for an outdated and common throw though. It would be fun to get a cheap beat one to toss around.

This comment Glen made elsewhere sums the Bumblebee up. Beautiful throw, but requires some attention to get the response tuned to personal preferences.

Pack in heavy with lube, or love it as an unresponsive throw. If ypu want to loop it- where a hockey mask. :smiley: its a tooth breaker

They are in stock here at YYE

Cheaper and easier to get than the Playmaxx originals from the Auction Sites.

If you don’t want to spend that much this is the next best option

Or get a revamp of the other original with the original name

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I was actually curious about which one of these 3 people prefer for some modern responsive fun. I hear very little about the Cold Fusion, and it seems like the Confusion dwarfs the other two in terms of popularity.


Confusion is better for EDC and Modern Responsive and just plain yoyoing, that you can give to anyone, but it also feels premium and this new version is compatible with Hubstacks which is its own level of fun. The new Cold Fusion GT Bi-Metal was a sleeper release, but it is a mid-school powerhouse if you have the chops, not really a staller but more than capable for 1A combos with a responsive tug. Owen Ekblad of team Duncan shreds Cold Fusion.


I’ve never heard the term mid-school before. Is that in reference to a more semi-responsive style of 1A?


Cold Fusion GT for the win.


This is consider the transition time in YoYo from the late Nineties Boom and the era of tremendous trick evolution that lead to modern unresponsive play from the years of 1997 to around 2006. Semi-Responsive is more of a loose responsive set up that allows for more spin times and string wraps but still being tug responsive at higher RPMs.

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Thank you! I knew it was available, but the price tag is steep for the possible nostalgia. I may pick up the Confusion for an EDC when it’s not practical to lug around a full size organic.

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I love my Bumblebee but I love my Cold Fusion GT more. They are some of the longest spinning responsives on the market. I just enjoy basic flowing with the Bumblebee and more tricks on the on the CF GT.


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