LF: Cheap Duncan MG

I have too many wood throws and not enough hands so I am selling a couple. All prices are shipped in the US but please include a little extra for PayPal fees.

Looking for a cheap Duncan MG. Looking to spend around $100 or offer trades for it.

First up we have an earlier flying camel it has a smaller diameter. It has 3 small marks on it and looking for $40 (sold)

Next up is a purple prowler sleep machine. Bought it off someone in the forums and just haven’t played it. Looking for $90 which is what I paid.

Spinworthy red bloodcell which also has no marks and I’m looking for $50. (Sold)

Ehknown which is pretty much new so going to ask $85. (Sold)

Can’t remember what this throw is but Jason form fallen 44 made it. No dings scratches or scuffs but it looks like there are some defects of some darker spots and strange marks from when they were made. Asking $30

Not wood but I also have this higby painted toohot. Excellent condition except for a little bit of the paint on the rims is starting to wear down. $37

Out pocketlove that has been well loved with some small dings on it. Asking $20 for it and yes it does come with the coffee beans in the center! (Sold)

Also including a TK SB2 that is raw with brushed rims. Like new with the box and asking $60 which is what I paid. (Sold)


Sb2 and pocket love added

Bump for the day. Lots of stuff sold

Bump ehknown is sold

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