LF: Blasted solenoid

Just on the hunt for a TP Anubis. Looking for one in decent condition, but would prefer a smooth one. Not looking to pay more than $200. I have a some things I can trade as well.

Selling this sweet LaPua without the box. It plays fantastic but has a small bit of nail vibe. No dings or scuffs but It has some small scratches and ano imperfections. Looking for $250 shipped in the US.

Anglam TISS with small scratches $450

JT FGTI with scratches but no other damage (no box) and has fingernail vibe $200

Ilyy Bias Pair for $80 Both have a couple of small scratches/pin pricks/flat spots but still good condition

Other things for trade/sale




New 888

West coast


Oyy Pshift with 1 really small flat mark and the box $117 sold

Prescription with no damage I can see $75 sold

Grapezilla parlay with no visible damage but it has some scratches on the inside holes where the side effects go. It was like this when I got it $80 (sold)
G2 Slingshot with no Damage $105 shipped sold
Oxy Ozone with no damage and no bag $70 sold
TP Solenoid no damage $86 (sold)
Intergrow Hydrangea Dahlia with no damage without the box $75 sold


someone get that parlay !

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Dude! You’re not even gonna gouge a little on the parlay?

Here, you dropped this :crown:

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That’s how you can distinguish the real Yoyo Community members from the peeps just here to flip and slang yoyos.


To be fair, One Drop Prescriptions are not usually priced that low, They usually have atleast one ding and listed from $85-150 depending on colorway and the person selling, it seems like he has already priced it low, I am surprised its not gone yet.

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