FS: Angle (x2), Solenoid, IronyJP all for $310

I only deal in the US shipping is included in the price
All prices include shipping and are or best offer
I don’t throw much anymore and thus can’t justify having the collection that I have.

Only trades I’m interested in are a bum round 2, canvas, or peak

Buy the whole lot for $310!! That’s $40 off
Here is my solenoid it’s perfectly mint. There are small anno defects that were there when I got it from yoyoexpert as shown in the second picture, I still consider this mint because it came this way from yoyoexpert. Plays incredibly, super stable and yet still floaty. $85.

Red and Gray splash sOMEThING Angle, this is throw is probably one of my favorites of all time. I actually have another and is the only reason that I’m getting rid of one. This is the nicer of the two that I own, if you want to make an offer on the other it’s the gray with blue splash though it has more damage than the red so I would take a bit less for it. All of the damage is barely noticeable I did my best to capture it in pictures but is all only surface scratches from normal play. Smooth and plays incredibly. $85

Here is the other angle that I own. It does have damage but it doesn’t affect play at all. Still super smooth on the string though there may be a very slight vibe on grinds. $75

Finally is my precious IronyJP. This thing is an absolute monster. Easily the best throw I’ve ever used. Much prefer this to all the YYR, CLYW, and pretty much anything else I can think of. I’m still not 100% sure that I want to get rid of it hence the high price tag. $105



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