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Selling this blast Green Naja with no damage with the box. Smooth on the nail but has a little string vibe. No damage but you can see two machine mark lines under the ano on each half of the yoyo. I took a picture but they’re still hard to see.

Good and services or friends and family for payment

Trade wants:
New grind machine/grind mutant
JT LaPua
Duncan GTR JS
Fulvia hybrid
Unparalleled notion
Yjyoyo sword master
Something phenom
Hydrangea Haworthia
Hydrangea Ulmus
Mowl ti surveillance

JT Fractiss b grade for nail vibe and a JT bag no damage other than slight raw marks -$320

Price is $420 shipped in the US and F&F is preferred for payment. (Sold)

I thought this was the 76g version when I bought it but this is just the normal so I’m selling it.

Mirage ESD without any damage $70

TP Stealth Remix no damage and the box for $120

Swirl al7 life with no damage but this is a glitch for the bubbles under the rim $150 (sold)

Yweti 1 small scratch $345 (sold)

Oxy ti with 3 marks $300 (gone)

Anglam MGSS with coating issues $450

Og Valkyrie with ano wear right where the rings connect and small axel indent on one half $180

Mechabape b grade for ano discoloration under the rim $300

Absinthe with some light surface scratches from being raw $380

Hydrangea quercus with small scuffs/pin pricks on both halves. I took some pictures of the damage but it has other spots that I didn’t picture. It has string and nail vibe but still plays fine. No box for this guy and looking for $85 shipped (sold)

Rebellion quilin a couple of really small pin pricks $45
This is basically the best budget sleipnir (gone)

Leviathan 4b smooth with no damage other than slight raw marks $250 but would prefer to trade (gone)

TP Maxbet with damage $60 keeping

Marcus Koh Leviathan 2 with some small damage and a little vibe $80 (gone)

Canflon lynx proto with a couple of small chips $170

TP Stealth Remix with everything and no damage $120

Dogma with some small pin pricks and the box $40 (sold)

YYM 3 points with packaging $55

SF bimetal statement with some dings/scratches. Also this guy has a bit of pulse vibe to it. I would give this a C grade if I was grading it but it’s not really noticable during play. No box and the price is $40 (sold)

Hydrangea Lycoris no damage other than some slight raw marks/patina $450

I can polish this up if you aren’t a fan of the patina.


I will take it :blush:


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PM’d :slight_smile:

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