LF: Begginner yoyo for my sister :)

So my sister is starting to yoyo, she is in 4th grade! And i wanted to surprise her with a gift for Tet(Vietnamese newyear). I was thinking about a velocity or one by YYF. I am most likely looking for a one near mint or mint :). Any other beginner-intermediate yoyo’s would be nice just PM me and we can talk :slight_smile:

My personal choice would be the ONE in the two bearing package. Red, right?

Also, a bearing puller. I also recommend thick and thin lube and bulk strings. I know, we’re spending way more on accessory items than the yoyo. If you already have the accessories, then just get the yoyo.

Mine is blue, and sorry, not for sale/trade.

I don’t want to recommend against YYE, but this may be best to be a BST deal, but the seller may not want to go through the hassle of shipping to Vietnam. I’m married to a Vietnamese, so I’m aware of lots of the stuff. I generally dislike shipping internationally as well. But, I have a cousin in law who works as a postal worker in HCM(Saigon). He was here a couple of months ago in the United States. I think the international shipping from YYE might be too expensive. You might also see if there’s some dealer located closer to you to speed up the shipping process. You’re short on time, so you gotta get moving fast. We’re talking 2 weeks, that’s not a lot of time! The problem is shipping/postal. The rest might not be so difficult. If you do choose to order from YYE, send them an email and see what they can do to save you costs on shipping.

I haven’t seen how you celebrate Tet in Vietnam. Maybe in a few years.

haha ive gotten some messages about me living in Vietnam but i dont live in VN xD. I live in California! In little saigon where the vietnamese community is huge!! Studio u are missing out i’ve got to tell you! Tet is probabally the best holiday for me :). All the family comes together and we just have a blast! With music, food, games, and so much more! Cool to hear your wife is Vietnamese :). And i might as well just buy a one from YYE to make things easier on myself haha

Oh, well in that case, whatever you get, you’ll get in 3 days from YYE. I assumed you lived in Vietnam. We’ve got quite a few other regulars here from Vietnam, so I assumed you might have been in that category. But, you’re local(well, more or less). That makes things so much easier!

We were just in the area in November before Thanksgiving on our trip to Disneyland. When I go to Disneyland, my family leaves the park and we eat in Little Saigon.When we go back in March(we’re annual pass holders), I may have to ask your advise on some new places to eat. I like Brodards and all but there’s got to be some other places. This other place we used to eat, well, the place looks nice but the quality kinda tanked last time so we’re gonna avoid it for a bit. There’s a Lee’s Sandwich right down the road from Disneyland(on South Harbor) so that’s what we have for lunch every day. My wife goes early, gets it, we have breakfast at the hotel, then walk to the park.

My wife’s family used to go there rather frequently. They’d drive down Friday night, do their thing and then power-drive it back Sunday night. It’s a 6-8 hour drive to where we live, but they like that long distance driving. In fact, what’s so funny is that they didn’t even know they were driving right past Disneyland! I think my wife enjoys getting her authentic junk food as much as the Disneyland portion.

If you’re ever in the Sacramento area, give me a call or a text.

HOLY ANGALINA JOLIE! i quote [chengman]. this is the most vietnamese convo kinda thing on the YYE forums. AHHHHH its good to know that i am not the only one who’s viet and yoyos

yeah sure thing! and i’ve only been into the sacremento area just to visit some family friends like once or twice haha. but forsure i have tons of great vietnamese food places! It just depends on what type of foods you like! Like if you liked the spring rolls brodard is on the list but if you want pho there are some good places like pho 79! and if you are interested in bun (vermachelli) then there are places that specialize in hue food(central part of vietnam) that serve really good bun bo and other dishes like banh beo(like a steamed rice cake served with fishsauce) i could write a book on all of this stuff haha but there are really good places to eat in Little saigon! Also might i say that if you come during the Tet week or previous Tet week it is going to be very crowded :). Expecially near Phuoc Loc Tho (Asian Garden mall) this is where they have like flowers and stuff you can buy! If you have never been here around Tet i highly reccomend you go! I am pretty sure your wife should know about this place haha.

i am the total OUTCAST!

LOL! come down to Garden Grove California if you ever can! its really fun :slight_smile:

Well I have a very mint one. Its red and I honestly don’t know where the slim bearing is. It has a spec bearing. Ill do $12.50 shipped…should be cheaper than yye. Pics will be up sometime. Pm me if you’re interested.

hey! I’m Vietnamese too! and My sister is in 4th grade too!

I bought my sister a Pocket Change as her first butterfly shaped yo-yo, it broke within a week, not recommended. (she played with a Shinwoo Fire Loop before that)

after the Pocket Change broke, I decided to just get her a JoeXAnn #2 Genesis, she still has it now, it’s even better than some of my yo-yos, lol.

I think depending on your sister’s level of play, you should buy her a Neon Pink FAST 201, or Starbrite, or Protostar.

or buy my Ann Connolly Yuuksta, it’s awesome! one of my fave undersized!

Chuc mung tet vui ve!!! =P

I started out on the YYF One and it is a really great yo-yo it comes with either an extra un-responsive bearing or a DVD I really recommend the unresponsive bearing because she will need it once she gets better.

i am going to assume you are older than me so…

Chuc mung nam moi anh :slight_smile: and i will send u a pm on the yoyo’s