LF:::::::: Albatross/Viszilla!! ::::::::

Title says it all, I’m really looking for a G2 Albatross and anti yos especially viszilla, and Vs Newton are also wanted. Willing to trade in your favor! Sadly, I don’t have cash to offer right now. Im willing to trade as many of my items as necessary. Everything is also for sale.
I have for trade:

$10 iTunes gift card (unscratched) GONE
$25 best buy gift card (scratched)
1st gen 8gb iPod TouchGONE
Nintendo Gameboy Advanced

Hspin NVx (beat)
ILYY Liopleurodon (Non mint in pouch)
Werrd Pacquiao (Near mint in the box)GONE

Video Games (can be traded in to gamestop):
Fifa 11 (Xbox 360)
Madden 11 (Xbox 360)
Homefront (Xbox 360)
Lego rockband (unopened, stupid grandparents XD) (Xbox 360)
Pokemon White (DS)
Fifa 09 (unopened)(DS)
Some OG pokemon games (GB) PM me for details