LF: 5a Star FHZ, YYJ Synergy, Protostar, Clear/Translucent Duncan Dice

Alright, cleaning out my collection a bit. I only want to have about 5 metal throws and a bunch of rare plastics. I’ve rated all of these throws a condition rating from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best.

Semi-Satined X-Yo Xcalibur

Scratches all around, no major dings
Very slight vibe, hardly noticeable
KK Bearing

Black/Purple Yoyojam Lyn Fury

Weird flaw from the factory, hard to explain, it’s kinda like weird bubblyish things
No caps
Small YYJ vibe
Completely unresponsive

Green/White Modded Yoyojam Lyn Fury

Small scratches all around
Re-profiled, rubber weight rings added
Small YYJ vibe
Completely unresponsive

Red Yoyofactory Die Nasty

Several unnoticeable dents
Blanked out white caps
Noticeable vibe, but not terrible (comes with all Die-Nasties)

Raw Proto BBYY Wedgie

Scratches all over, several flat spots
1st Gen Proto

Duncan FHZ 5a Star Edition
YYJ Synergy
YYF Protostar (not gray)
Clear or Translucent Duncan Dice
YYF Severe (09)
YYF Genesis
YYJ New Breed
One Drop (not M1 or Dingo)
Special Edition FHZs

Feel free to offer up anything. It’s OK if it’s a beater. I’ll accept cash, but you have to offer.

X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone for the M1 (Either. Preferably Orange)

raw c-13 for an orange dingo?

i want that wedgie


is that bully still up 4 grabs?

is the m1 still up

I have a red marble genisis ill trade for the m1
it has minor flaws

Hey mon y would somebody buy a 17 dollar lyn when they could buy a brand new one for 15.

Wow, I didn’t even notice, I’ll change that…

i have sterling quinn genesisw for raw c-13

i have prto star is the c13 up for grabs and i have a some other stuff shooot a pm
proto star and some cassh for uer c13

Dark Blue, Dark Magic for Green and White Lyn Fury