LF 5A Mint metal throws

Hey, I’ve decided to start learning 5A, and I need a cool budget metal yoyo with a counterweight.
I’ve got 50$ paypal total, only looking for MIB / NIB offers.
Note : I also need a lube.

If you are learning 5a, why start with a mint throw then ding it up? There are plenty of lightly used 5a throws on the bst that would be great for learning 5a. Or better yet, why not start off with a plastic yo-yo that comes with a counterweight, such as the freehand pro, which is sold here for only 16 dollars? I’m not meaning to sound cranky, just want to point out some options☺

Hey, I have collected more than 10 plastic blazing-teens yoyo, so I’m not considering any other plastic.
I have got enough metals to play both 1A & 5A, all I need now is a counterweight and another suitable 5A yoyo.
Thanks for the advice though.

I suggest the Duncan freehand pro as it is what I have been using to learn 5a, its plastic and its only 16 or 17 dollars so you aren’t committing to much :slight_smile: