Ley's Updated Store - Price Dropped.

Note: Changed up the format. Need to sell these. Prices aren’t set in stone. .


  • Rockstar 2012
    -Punchline Repeater

Ask me about the condition and i will get back at you with more detailed pics.

Hubstacked yoyo’s
BLack/White yoyo’s
Dull colors!
More plastics/Bi-metal

YYF Loop 900 - $20
Mint, barely used


VsNyyC Battosai - $75
Nicked my ring.



YYF Dv888
YYJ Lyn Fury
YYF Bombsquad Wooden yo
YYF Velocity
YYF Loop 720’s
YYJ Dark Magic II
YYF Starlite
YYF 44 Special


Ps3 Games:

All in perfect condition.

-COD Black Ops
-COD Modern Warfare 2
-COD 4 Modern Warfare
-Mortal Kombat 2011
-Bioshock 2
-Resident Evil 5
-Metal Gear Solid 4

Lemme know what your interested

Interested in wooly marmot, would you want a skyline

Sorry, not looking for anything with hubstacks.

I can take off the hubstacks

Lol 2nd person to say that. And no thanks. Iv already owned hubstacked yoyo’s and they werent for me.

If its suppose to have hubstacks, its a hubstacked yoyo. Even if it doesent have them on.

I would like to buy them from you

hey man would you be insterested in a sigma blade zwei and some cash for the marmot?

what is NYYR?
I would be happy to trade some ps3 games for a bottosai :slight_smile:

how bout a near mint yye edition punchline repeater with box for the bottasai