Leviathan - II

Anyone see one of these in action?
Is it worth the price in your opinon?

It looks cool and fits my preferences. Also they have a video at the page of the yoyo at teh shop page you linked.


Not to mention that it got Marcus Koh 2nd for Asia Pacific Yoyo Competition 2010.

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Is it worth it? Some would agree, some wouldn’t. It really just boils down to your preferences and your budget. Is it a good yoyo? Yes. So are all yoyos made these days.

Second place in some contest doesn’t mean it outplays any yoyo. It just means that the guy chose the yoyo and used his skill to win. Tyler Severance won worlds 2007 with only a Duncan Freehand Zero.

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Yeah. I meant he used that to get 2nd in AP 2010. And Takeshi Matsuura won worlds with ONLY a Lyn Fury

What is that “only” supposed to mean? I absolutely do not understand what people have against plastics. They think they have to have a metal or else they suck or something like that. Not only does that not make sense, it’s stupid.

You didn’t mention a Lyn Fury, and what you said was clear, and seemed like you meant to say what you said, and now why are you switching it around?

This guy has got it down.
Ever heard of Crucial or 3yo3? They make great plastics. And just because the yoyos that TM and TS used were plastics that some may disregard, they may have been modded to the players preferances.
Even if they were not modded they are still pretty legit yoyos.

Back on topic:
I really like the feel of the bead blasted version of the yoyo and I think it’s totally worth the price tag.

Haha.Nevermind what i a=said. I am just telling that the Leviathan 2 is Marcus Koh’s Favourite yoyo. It plays much better than must yoyos out there. Can match a YYR. It comes with a CT bearing Stock. The Bead-Blasted Version one is very good for grinds but in terms of play, the Bead-blasted and the anno versions play the same. This ia a better yoyo compared to the Leviathan 1.

What makes YYR so much better that they’re the company to compare yoyos to? Nothing. The Leviathan does not play better than any other yoyo, just differently. Some people may think it plays awesome, some people think it sucks. It’s all preference. Same with YYR and center trac bearings. Same with basically everything yoyo. :wink: