Leviathan II+Yuuksta for $115 (I want a Cascade haha)


No trades unless they are heavily in my favor. I’m only really interested in a Chief, AC, Cascade and maybe a few other throws.

I only take Paypal. I can ship the yo-yos with a few different types of bearings depending on your preference.

The Leviathan II is near mint. It has a couple very small marks that are difficult to see without searching for them.

The Yuuksta is mint as far as I can tell. It will come with it’s original packaging but the packaging is slightly ripped from when it was taken out of the box.

The last item I have is a fully ceramic 10 ball KK C sized bearing. It plays great, it just doesn’t get much use from me because it’s a little louder than my preferred bearing (a 10 ball) I don’t have a specific price in mind but it’s going to be a little more expensive than your average bearing considering how difficult it is to find something like this.

Ceramic bearing sold!