Level 6 or Werrd Minute?

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Deciding on buying my next yoyo and it’s either C3yoyo Design’s level 6 Or Werrd’s Minute, Checked both’s specification and I like the minute’s diameter more than level 6, Minute’s weight is only 1 gram lower than level 6 and the gap are level 6 - 4.32mm Minute - 4.6mm
I like the minute’s design more than level 6 cause of the simplicity and looks more classy/professional(in my opinion no hate)

so the real question, which runs solid, spins fast and longer, which should I get?

From what you said, you should get a Minute.

Both are going to be good. The biggest difference between the two is the diameter. You said that you prefer the Minute’s diameter. Ergo, you should get the Minute.

I suspect that if you threw hard sleepers, the Level 6 would spin longer.

However, the way you play will affect “in-play” spin time in a much more significant way, so I wouldn’t really worry about it. The Minute will spin long enough for your to play yoyo. :wink:

I really love my Minute. I got it the same day as an expensive highly-anticipated yoyo, and even on that very day I just kept playing the Minute. Other high-end yoyos have come and gone, but the Minute stays in my collection. I think they did something special with this one… it’s not that it’s an absolute competition powerhouse, but it’s just really really good and fun.

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It reads like you have already decided on the Minute. So get it.

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that’s good to hear, I’ll get my Minute :slight_smile: