Lets recreate SBL?

Well, lets DO IT!

Need some guys in MA, pat? Gizz?


Why not? It would be cool, but I think they stopped because of the cost.

Hey if you’ll pay for it sure

I’d do it, the only problem is how would we get companies to send us yoyos.

Thats an easy part, if there is a legit thing going on then they wouldn’t have a problem. Just be like, we are trying to recreate SBL and we need a yoyo to review, can we get one of your North Stars?

Running things like this isn’t free. Bandwith is a small fee compared to the equipment SBL had.

The best bet would be to review throws you already have, just to get started. Plus I’m sure the name String Burn Live and SBL are trademarked, so you would need permission to use it if you wanted to continue w/ that name.

Why dont you just start a new show first on youtube. It can just be you or a couple of friends talking about news, reviews, and other stuff like that. That can be just a start. It doesn’t have to be LIVE.

this’ll be harder then I thought, well, I guess I can get something small going @ the NH yoyo meet, until then, Topic locked