I WON!!!!


I won the MMN from SBL!!!


Whats MMN and whats SBL?


mark mont next and string burn live

(laxdude99) #4

So lucky




How Does It Play?


yes, rip SBL, Josh dinged my markmont :-[


Tell me how you like those AirGlow Strings…

Any ways, I know how you feel, I wanted to do the same thing when I won my Fury from them.

RIP SBL, We all <3’d you,


but why did they stop making the show?


Please don’t double post.

(DOGS) #11

Don’t fuss about it, you’re still getting a free yoyo ::slight_smile:

The show was today ::slight_smile:


Yeah I am fine with dings as long as they dont affect grinds, i’ll just have to wait and see.

thank you SBL :smiley:


Congrats! But you should give it to me ;D

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #14

How do you win a prize from SBL?

(PutridNebula) #15

You can’t win any yo-yos from SBL anymore because SBL is sadly gone :frowning: But, just for knowledge’s sake the answer to your question would be to answer a question that they ask during the show and email it to them, then they would go through a random number generator and pick an email and that is who would win.


I never got to finish the last episode… :’( :’( :’(

But congratulations on winning the MarkMontNext.
I hope you treasure this playable memory of SBL.


i will…

and just to think I was contemplating skipping the last episode…


I was going to watch it,but the line was slow and it was LAGGING!!!

Not a too good experience for me

(M²) #19

Gone?..! Sbl is gone… Why is it gone!!! It cant’ be gone… nooooooooooooooooo… :’( :’(


but why is it gone? whyyy