Lets make a trick!

I start it you guys go on, so the tricks name: is end of the world. breakaway, sleeper, miss trapeze, land it, chopsticks ;D

Open the loop on your non throwhand thumb and swing into the string on the left. (if your a righty)

We have a thread like this.

trow down

take the string off your finger and throw the yoyo onto a hard surface, for instance:a concrete wall or a marble floor. The yoyo would make a dinging sound and hopefully it bounces back…

This is called bounce the ball…

Just kidding, it’s a joke, don’t do that for real

And now you say this? Grrr…

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last time this thread was made (about a month ago) it died quickly. ill continue tho

cut string with

a large goats teeth then bounce it off the nearest persons head and now do offstring…

This is what killed the thread last time.
One more try, start with a houdini mount…

cut string over a volcano.


And throw the yoyo into the volcano :slight_smile:

Nekro >.>

Throw a mount(ain)