Lets make a deal!! Lf: Chief/AC/General yo

If my prices are wrong, tell me!! I have been out of the BST for awhile…

Here it is. Some throws that I do not really use and would like to give new homes. The first section will be the low ballers. Offer cheap, because I will let them go for cheap. I have a ton of deal sweeteners that will come with every purchase!!

The second section will be the trades/higher dollar items. Offer decent, because I am a little more attached. Thanks all and lets make a deal boys and girls!!!

Black With blue splash Capless (Mint in Box)- $45? Gone
Black with green Splash Yomega Glide (Mint with box) -$50? GONE
Winston Edition YYF Genesis. (Mint without Box)- $40? GONE
Purple Splash Werrd Hour (Mint with box) -$40 gone
ORIGINAL Hub Stacked Genesis. (2 Pinpricks) -$65 gone
ORIGINAL 2010 Polished Mighty Flea (With 2 extra bearings, pads, string)- $50 GONE

Next Section is the other case. Offer decent, but hey i’m up for a deal!

Black with Copper Splash Sasquatch (2 Pinpricks) -$95 GONE
Purple/Green Freq Wave (Mint)- $90
One Drop Dietz (Mint)- $70 low ball me!
H5XChief Northern Lights (Mint with box)- $90 low ball me!
Dog Fish Creek Avalanche (Mint without box) -$85 GONE
Concrete Blizzard Puffin (Mint with box)- $95 GONE
Black With Green Speckle AC (1 2mm scrape, and 1 ding. Lighter version)- $90

Looking for:::

Clyw- chief

Gen yo-

Hatrick USA color way
Purple Heart ministar***
Purple mountain Majesty
Limey stew Majesty/Blue Mountain

I will overpay for a Purple Heart

:slight_smile: thanks!


Bump. I just started answering some pm’s so please be patient!


Great deals guys! Leaving feedback for everybody tomorrow morning. Keep the deals coming!!


H5xchief is back up!

Check your PM please