Lets get some yoyo quotations


Lets get some yoyo quotation in here? :smiley:

A example: Its not the yoyo that makes the player, its the player that makes the yo

thats just one i heard ;D. if you got any post!


“You can’t replace practice with any amount of money.”


“I’m a slacker” - theyoster109

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that one is my siggy :slight_smile:


You suck Samad.




Good one.

“Reduce, Reuse, Regen.”

“Stand Up, Shut Up, and Throw”

“My Pikachu is a Lv. 98 Brawler”- Augie

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This one rocks


A reply to someone who asked if you can use draino to clean your bearing.

" Draino is for cleaning hair and gunk. Do you have hair and gunk in your bearing? I sure hope not."

Cant remember who said that but it was great.




Try again, Samad.

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haha I remember that.


hehe, my bad. :slight_smile:

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“Why am I naked?”
-Tyler Severance, SEVA meet April 2008

“Rachel Ray! Chocolate! Numbers are big! Words are important!”
-Guy Wright, Werrd Hotel Room; Worlds 2009

“Hey this cutie just added me on facebook. Oh nevermind, this is a dude…”
-Yuuki Spencer, Lobby; Worlds 2009

“GET IT! That’s like 30 points right there!”
-JonRob, VA States 2009

“I like bread! urghahrahg”
-Tyler Severance, VA States After-After party 2009


Life must be full of ups and downs…

Sorry. I couldnt resist.

Send hatemail to the usual address.


“what goes down, must come up”

I read this somewhere before, cant remember where.
But i think this one cool enough.


“Hey Kim-Lan! Tyler Severance says you’re pretty!”


False. :stuck_out_tongue: Whole story:

Preliminaries are starting at the DXL Battle yoyo contest. I see Tyler Severance, and I ask him if I can get a quick video of one of his tricks. His response: I’d like to, but I’d rather watch this pretty girl freestyle. *points at Kim-Lan. I said “Oh Kim-Lan? I know her.” So I faced the stage area, which is where she was at, and yelled very loudly “HEY KIM-LAN! TYLER SEVERANCE SAYS YOU’RE PRETTY!”, and she replied with a quizzical expression.


“it aint braggin if u can back it up”;D
john robinson (but originally dizzie dean)